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  • Customizing a TP Roll holder

    the finished TP Roll holder

    customizing a TP Roll holder

    someone must stop the insanity

    as i looked at this modification, partway through the process, i realized i had crossed a line

    when i get a new shirt i cut off all the buttons and sew them on by hand.  i make small modifications to almost everything i wear - pants, shirt, shoes, jackets ...

    ... and almost everything i own.  it will never stop.  everything that can be improved or modified for my personal comfort or efficiency, is

    BUT WHY the toilet paper roll holder ?  this baby holds four rolls, which press down on the bottom roll.  not a great deal of weight, but the bottom roll's tube is always damaged or contorted, forcing one to reform the tube end or suffer the dire consequences of a tumultuous dispense once the deformed roll is placed into service ( moved onto the dispensing roller )

    the design of the Roll Holder's bottom is clever and minimal - traits i admire, but not when they cause problems.  adding small platform ( with flat top surfaces ) to support the bottom roll will prevent such damage in the future ...  the world is once again safe !

    still worried about your own obsessivness ?   i doubt it

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