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Mobile Theater

Mobile Theater

this is an idea that's been kicking around for a while now ... how embarrassed can i make those who know me, in a very public place ?


after switching from Dish Network to Direct TV, i've been laying on the couch a lot, sketching and making the most of the DVR ( a avariciously time-consuming device spawned from the very fires of Hell itself )

this is the sketch from which i worked


sculpting the figure was a fun exercise, but the hands ( which were done after the black sculpting medium cured ) could've been put off a little longer, as a local supplier had a clearance sale of cream-colored epoxy only a few days later ( all i had on hand was a large quantity of black and a small quantity of white - hence my color choices )

2007.01.25 wireframe skeleton of mini-me figure

clothing for the figure

clothing choices mimic the bland tastes i constantly parade myself in, and are hand stitched with only common sense and existing garments as my guide ( there is absolutely no professional sewing training in my background - can you believe it ? it seems obvious, but i wanted to state that truth categorically )

2007.01.27 clothes for figure

control rods

with my typical attention to superfluous detail, the control rod handles were sculpted into a sock monkey, and a monkey's head ( the puppeteer can control the orientation of each hand/arm using the position of the hand as a guide : the head points in the same direction as the thumb and fingers of that hand )

2007.01.28 control rod handles

curtain rod ends

simple animal heads with a peaked gilt collar behind, to hold back the curtain

2007.01.29 curtain rod ends

Theater is complete

finally the figure is mounted in position ( dangling from a rod which is mounted to the base ) and the stage is ready for it's maiden performance

2007.01.29 - mobile theater fin

finished, and occupied

having no one around to take a picture for you sucks ... here i am in all my poised glory, hoping i'll be somewhere in-frame

2007.01.29 - Mobile Theater occupied

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