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  • Holga 120S Modifications

    opening camera

    opening the camera - note how the flash wires are routed from the shutter mechanism through the camera body and up into the top, to the flash shoe

    removing original top

    this is what the top of the body looks like - i'll be discarding the original top, removing nearly all the extraneous plastic, then filling the top of the body with epoxy

    note the well above the lens area - a pointless cavity which will be removed as well

    filling-in top of body

    the left panel shows the winding hole filled-in and leveled off

    the red arrow points to a partly-visible screw head, mostly embedded in epoxy, which holds the new metal 120 spool pin in place (as seen in the right panel)

    add film spool tensioners

    these metal pieces provide spool tension - they are epoxied and screwed in place

    opening lens

    panel one shows the shutter assembly in place, panel two shows it removed

    panel three shows the useless aperture (removed and discarded) which all Holga modification web pages drone on about

    panel four shows the screw which holds the lens in place being removed (we'll need to know about this in a minute) - the lens assembly is then unscrewed and laid face down

    panel five, looking inside the lens focusing ring, indicates the positions of the stops against which the retaining screw (removed in panel four) impacts

    adjust stops for close-up

    panel one : the two arrows show the original positions of the stops - note the circled icon on the outer surface of the focusing ring for future reference

    panel two : the arrow shows the original position of the removed tab, and the circle shows the newly positioned stop tab

    this step provides a much closer focusing setting (you'll see the difference below)

    reinforcing body - note tripod nut

    this illustrates the addition of a tripod nut and the application of an ample supply of epoxy which provides a good deal of weight, and makes the camera body much stronger. the top and bottom are filled-in here, the sides will be more completely filled-in later

    adding bulb knob

    in this step the Bulb (''B'') setting is added : the metal shaft slides through a plastic flange, superglued to the side of the lens base

    when the shaft is pushed in, the end of the shaft stops the shutter mechanism until the shutter is released

    the third panel shows the epoxy knob which has been added to the outside of the shaft ... how sexy !

    new closeup setting

    here you can see the extremes - how far the modified focusing ring can now be turned

    adding bulb knob

    here the bottom is filled-in flat around the tripod nut, and the film transport piece is returned (the four sides of which had been completely removed) and epoxied more fully in place. the sides are also filled-in which helps stop light leaks, adds strength and weight, and also fixes the plate firmly in place

    currently i'm working on the clasps which hold the damn thing closed (when all goes well)

    this is all i have to share at the moment

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